Ariana Grande used to follow NSYNC on tour + choreographer posts bts moments + Joey defends JT

Choreographer Kyle Hanagami posted a behind the scenes clip of JC Chasez singing Makes Me Ill acapella for fun at Coachella.

Ariana Grande said that she will never get over meeting her childhood heroes and that no one has ever been kinder or cooler or sillier or more lovely to be around. She says that she and her mom used to follow NSYNC around on tour when she was 5 and that NSYNC still sing and dance the same.
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Source: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 1 & 2

Joey also said on his podcast that he was awed by JC because he came into rehearsals and started singing like it was yesterday + JC was the one that arranged It Makes Me Ill to match the tempo of Ariana's Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored. Also that acapella It Makes Me Ill from JC > Makes Me Ill on stage with Ariana's messed up ear pieces/mics for the guests