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Grimes claims that she's "ready to play the villain."

Crack Magazine did a profile on everyone's favorite union-busting chanteuse and Mars Princess-in-waiting, and hoo boy, there's some fun quotes in it:

Grimes on democracy: “I thought people understood that I ultimately probably believe in an AI dictatorship. I mean, I don’t think humanity is going to survive anyway. We’re fucked. I think AI is the natural evolution. It’s just like we killed the fucking Neanderthals, and now they’re going to kill us. I don’t think democracy really works. These are the kinds of things I think."

Grimes on socialism:"I actually, for the short term, am a bit of a socialist, but not economically. I’m into free markets. What can I say? I think capitalism can solve some things.”

Grimes on her new album:"“I wanted to make climate change fun. Miss Anthropocene has got a Voldemort kind of vibe. She’s naked all the time and she’s made out of ivory and oil. It’s going to be super tight.”

For more, check out the full interview!

tweet source, full article
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