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#FreeBritney is trending after disturbing details of c-ship come to light

Backstory: Britney's Gram is a podcast devoted to keeping up with Britney Spears. The hosts have sat in on hearings for Britney's ongoing conservatorship, and detailed encounters with her lawyers and representatives.

A paralegal for an attorney who worked on Britney's c-ship left them a disturbing voicemail detailing the circumstances surrounding Britney's latest treatment.

In summary:
• He says Britney has actually been in a mental health facility since January, and it was due to her no longer taking her medication. It wasn't voluntary.
• After her father Jamie found out, he took her to a doctor who prescribed her new medication. She refused to take those too.
• In order to get her to comply, Jamie threatened to cancel her Domination residency. And he did, using his own illness as the excuse. He then had her committed.
• Britney's team members, specifically Lou, Larry, and Adam, are hellbent on keeping Britney medicated and under a conservatorship to secure their own finances. The paralegal says during a meeting, Larry Rudolph's only concern was that her hiatus will help with ticket sales when she announces another residency.
• Her siblings, Jamie Lynn and Bryan, have supposedly "given up" on interfering.

The website has already been taken down but the podcast episode can still accessed through this link, or via iTunes.

Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, was liking comments with the hashtag #FreeBritney, and Britney's own team started blocking the hashtag from appearing on her Instagram page.

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