Ashanti reveals she was supposed to tour with *NSYNC when she was 14

-"Foolish"Singer Ashanti was on Access to promote her new movie "Stuck"about a group of strangers on a stalled train.

- She spoke of the time when she was 12 and her chain was snatched off her neck on the subway. Her and her mom chased the guy , but he was not caught. Ashanti no longer rides subways.

-She was on the jive records label and was to tour with label mates *NSYNC and Backstreet boys, but felt she was not ready and that the music was not good enough at that time.

-Was a star track player and was offered a sholarship to Princeton.

-Was surprised with her former track coach who said she was very organized and would do her homework in the car between track and recording.

"Stuck" comes out in theaters April 20