Hole's legendary album "Live Through This" turns 25 this month

- Courtney Love first wrote the song “Asking For It” when she was groped and touched while crowd-surfing in a 1991 show in Glasgow. “I just dove off the stage and suddenly, it was like my dress was being torn off of me, my underwear was being torn off of me, people were putting their fingers inside of me and grabbing my breasts really hard, screaming things in my ears like ‘pussy-whore-cunt.’ When I got back onstage I was naked. [...] But the worst thing of all was that I saw a photograph of it later. Someone took a picture of me right when this was happening, and I had this big smile on my face like I was pretending it wasn’t happening… I can’t compare it to rape because it’s not the same. But in a way it was. I was raped by an audience, figuratively, literally, and yet, was I asking for it?”

- The iconic album was released mere days after Kurt Cobain's death. Audiences noted this unfortunate timing and some continue to believe the lie that Kurt was the one who actually wrote the songs on the album.

- The iconic album cover features model Leilani Bishop in a manic, beauty queen look with smudged mascara that echoes the 1976 film “Carrie.”

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What's your favorite song from this album, ONTD?