Lena Headey initially hated Cersei’s scenes in last night's Game of Thrones

On Cersei's decision to have sex with Euron even though she clearly doesn't want him like that:

“I kept saying, ‘She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t, that she would keep fighting,’” Headey tells EW. “But [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] obviously know what they’re doing and were adamant Cersei would do what she had to do.”

Lena said she finally decided to do the scene:

"There’s something to play in all of it,” Headey said. “Cersei is such the ultimate survivor in all of this. She refuses to fall to her knees. She goes to the place where she doesn’t want to go, which makes it more powerful sad because of who she’s not with.” (Meaning Jaime.)"

Pilou Asbaek who plays Euron also questioned whether it was in character:

"We had a lot of discussions. Would it be out of character for her to be with Greyjoy for power? We discussed it so much that we almost ended up going, ‘Maybe it’s too much.’ Then we decided to try it out and see if it works. Sometimes you have to show different sides of a character. You have to surprise yourself as an actor but you also have to surprise yourself as a character.”


hate this story but its interesting to see that the actors still try to speak up to D&D