The BTS Men in Hype-beasts Clothing/Shoes in NYC along with their SNL Fashion/Performances

-Before performing on SNL, the men of BTS went out April 12 and were papped wearing Hypebeast adorned clothing and sneakers without being photoshopped into having casper white complexions.
-Meanwhile Jimin was not papped alongside the group.

-"But what of Korean music in general? Now that BTS have busted down barriers that previously prevented Korean artists from making it big in the U.S. — and changed Western perceptions about K-pop in the process — there's no telling who or what will break through next as BTS continue their quest for total world domination."

J-Hope wearing Nike Air Jordan sneakers. And Jin is also wearing Off-White x Nike sneakers.

Suga wearing Balenciaga knit sock sneakers.

Jungkook wore black sneaker boot hybrid boots.

RM stepping out in Nike Air Max sneakers.


Meanwhile V steps out in the most fashion forward look with chunky white sole sneakers with a Chanel crossbody bag.

For Boy with Luv:

For Mic Drop:

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Is anyone here over or into the Hype-beast trend right now?
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