Justin Timberlake wraps up tour with retirement message? *NSYNC will perform at Coachella


Justin Timberlake wrapped up his tour last night in Connecticut with a cryptic message: “I appreciate you so much Connecticut, I just need to soak this in because I’m probably never going to do this again”.

Meanwhile, Jessica Biel also took to social media to share a tearful message to JT about how proud she was of him.

While Justin may be taking a break, the *NSYNC rumors at Coachella continue to gain steam with JC Chasez following Ariana on Instagram last night and according to Page Six:

"“Ariana and JC Chasez had a conversation but nothing is confirmed as of right now,” the insider said, noting that a meeting is set to take place in the immediate future. “They haven’t performed as a group in years and never as a foursome,” the insider added. “JC does a lot of the vocals though, so that’s not a problem.”

Ariana's set is tonight at 10:30 PST.

Edit, update: Seems like it's for sure happening!

Did Justin need to (pseudo) retire so *SYNC could live?

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