Ava Max performs “Sweet But Psycho” on Ellen, explains her Max haircut happened while baking cookies

Princess of Asymmetrical Pop™ Ava Max stops by Ellen (with guest host Mila Kunis) to perform her hit single “Sweet but Psycho.” In related news, during a recent interview with Capital FM, the singer explains how her wig haircut came to be. “I was baking cookies and I was coloring a bunch of wigs and then my hair. And then I finally cut my hair on one side. And then, the cookies were burning all over the place — like I could smell them burning,” explains Max.

“And so I had to walk downstairs with one side cut without cutting the other side. And so the cookies were dead right? They like died. I can’t bake. I can’t cook. I suck at that. So I start walking upstairs and I pass a mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh. This feels like me!’ I’m not kidding you, it was like a lightbulb.”

ONTD, have you accidentally discovered your new haircut while baking cookies? Can you bake?

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