Riverdale Roundup: Camila Books Two Film Roles, Season Filming Wraps Up, and More

-Jimmy brings out her high school yearbook, and they riff about Camila's senior quote saying she'd miss her female dean's beaver. Which was an actual taxidermied beaver for comfort purposes.

-Recounted the time a whole restaurant booed Cole because he snuck his phone into one of those pitch black restaurants and decided to take a photo with the flash on.




-One is a Netflix original titled Windfall. She will play Katie, a young woman who abandons her own medical dreams to support her husband’s. After struggling to build a successful life, they finally seem to be in a good place only to find themselves in the middle of a criminal investigation. In a recent interview, Camila mentioned how they wanted her character to be Mexican, but she asked if she could be Brazilian instead.

-The other movie she's joined is an Andy Samberg film titled Palm Springs. Cristin Milioti and J.K. Simmons also star in the film which is about a reluctant maid of honor (Milioti) meeting a carefee dude (Samberg) at a Palm Springs wedding, and neither are able to escape the venue, themselves, or each other. Camila is playing the bride of the wedding who is also the half-sister of Milioti's character.

And if you wanted to get your Camila fix outside of Riverdale, The Perfect Date is now available on Netflix.
Charmila moved in together (weeks ago, but I missed it)

Madelaine and Vanessa wrap filming on the season



Lili flew back to film one scene and wrap Betty before flying back out to NYC to film her movie

Also, one of the writers is leaving the show. Britta Lundin has been on staff since season one and recently published a SPN RPF masquerading as YA novel. Of the original writers from season one, she's about the third/fourth to leave.


Keke posted some pictures on her IG stories from the set of Hustlers

The cast of The Who's Tommy practices and goes through rehearsals. Casey plays the titular Tommy.




I applaud the random woman at the restaurant