One of the most underrated pop albums of all time, Charli XCX's debut album, True Romance turns 6

years old

"I remember having the conversation with my label about putting I Love It and Boom Clap on this album, having them be the lead singles and I said no no no. (...) if I’d put those songs on this album things might have been so different for me now," Charli XCX shares in a heartfelt Instagram post.

A throwback to all of the music videos during Charli's True Romance era:

i'm including the Heartbreaks and Earthquakes mixtape in this post because justice for Grins (!!!) and Dreams Money Can Buy (!!!)

ONTD, what is your favourite song from True Romance?

What is Charli's best album/mixtape/EP? True Romance? Sucker? Number 1 Angel? Pop2? Heartbreaks and Earthquakes? Superultra? Vroom Vroom?


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