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Oprah never wavered on Leaving Neverland + round 3 of celebrity reactions to the documentary

In a new interview with Trevor Noah, Oprah discussed her decision to do the "After Neverland" interview with Wade Robson, James Safechuck, and Dan Reed about the documentary "Leaving Neverland." She said that when she first watched the documentary she realized people wouldn't understand that it's not about one person, it's about the pattern and seduction of sexual abuse, but it was important enough to raise awareness that she would take on the hateration. Michael Jackson stans have been claiming that Oprah has gone back on the documentary and deleted the After Neverland interview (they are using fans' or non official uploads of the interview on YouTube getting taken down for copyright as "receipts"), but the documentary is still there on OWN.

Trevor Noah asked Oprah is she ever wavered, particulary after Dan Reed conceded on twitter that there was an issue with the timeline of James Safechuck's abuse because a Neverland train station hadn't been built yet. Oprah said that she hasn't wavered because when you're in the midst of trauma, you may not remember the exact time. She says she's never won a case because when you put a girl on the witness stand and she can't remember if the abuse was on a Wednesday or Thursday, she's automatically discredited. People think that if the victim doesn't remember the exact day and time, it automatically didn't happen, but she has been through that and it doesn't work that way.

Michael Jackson stans have also been saying that Oprah condemns Michael Jackson, but is still friends with Harvey Weinstein. Oprah has actually condemned Harvey Weinstein and talked about how he was a bully.

Paul McCartney said in a radio interview “Obviously Michael was a great singer, a great artist and a great dancer. For years we’ve loved that. Nobody knew about the other side that’s shown in that movie.

When I knew him he was a really nice guy. I didn’t know about the dark side. It makes it very difficult to look back on the memories which were good memories, to think, oh boy, there was other stuff going on.

For me, I’m OK to just stay with the personal memories I had of him. The other side is the other side. I don’t know about that.

I can understand why people are very disappointed in him and angry that he had the dark side.”

Rapper Boosie said that he loved Michael Jackson's music, but he was a sexual predator. He says that this has been known and his own dad told him Michael was a predator. He says that if 10 people accuse you of the same thing, at least one or two have to be true. He says there's something not right when you spend all your time with little boys lounging in pajamas. He also says that the parents can be blamed for hustling because they knew their kids were freaks and that Michael was a freak. The interviewer asks if he thinks little 7 years olds are freaks and he says yes. Dan Reed also shared this interview with a Russian caption that translates to "I can't help myself", but OP personally does not understand why he shared it... I get that there's a celeb that believes MJ is predator, but also sharing someone who calls the little boys freaks as well is not it.

Richard Marx, singer-songwriter of his own song "Right Here Waiting" and NSYNC's "This I Promise You" says that he would love to be able to hire a plumber in his 40s to work for MJ defenders and watch their faces if the plumber said he wanted their 9 year old son to have a sleepover with him because he never had a childhood and purely loved children.

Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA gymnast who went viral with her floor routine that included music from Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner, made a blog post about the choice to change her floor routine. Her new floor routine removed any Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 music and added Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)." She said that her own floor coach (Jordyn Wieber) and several of her teammates are survivors of sexual abuse and she stands by and supports survivors. She also says that the goal of her floor routine has always been to spark joy and if Michael Jackson music makes just one person uncomfortable, she doesn't want that. She had also been bothering Miss Val, UCLA gymnastics coach, since last summer to get two floor routines and she wanted a routine with all female artists.

Sam Smith posted instagram stories urging everyone to watch Leaving Neverland and applauding the survivors and their familes for their strength and bravery.
Actress Heather Graham said Wade and James are very brave and that she hopes more people are empowered to speak out against sex crimes, so abusers won't be able to get away with it anymore.

Cris Judd, dancer, choreographer, and Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, posted a message of love and support for his friend, Wade Robson. Cris was also the lead dancer on Michael Jackson's HIStory tour. In Cris' comments there was also support for Wade from Chucky Klapow, one of the choreographers for High School Musical and one of the dancers chosen for Michael Jackson's This Is It tour, and Tricia Miranda, a dancer and choreographer who choreographed Missy Elliot's 2015 Super Bowl appearance and danced and choreographed for Beyonce as well as other artists.
Shonda Rhimes shared Maureen Orth's article "10 Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse Allegations."

Dan Karaty, dancer, choreographer, and reality TV judge, who was a friend and collaborator of Wade Robson, posted Michael Jackson's song "Tabloid Junkie" and said that we should withhold judgement until we've heard from both the accuser and accused. He also did an interview with PageSix. He said he watched the documentary and felt ill. He lived with Wade Robson and his mom Joy (Joy was also his first manager) for a year and a half when he moved to LA in his 20s. He says that Wade eventually opened up to him about how much Michael meant to him and what an inspiration he was to him and never talked about abuse or anything negative. He says he even got to go to dinner with Michael at Neverland with Wade and Wade's family. He says Michael was nothing but gracious and interested in his guests dreams'. He says accusers should be given the chance to speak out, but there also needs to be due process and the problem is that Michael is dead, so he's not here to defend himself.

Every hero has a flaw. Every hero has their time in sun. We’ve applauded the films of rapists. Danced to the music of drug dealers and drug addicts, possibly one in the same. We’ve marched under the leadership of adulterers. Designed our lives around the wisdom of racists. Had the word of God spoken to us by pedophiles. Fed ourselves with food that kills us. Lied to the people we love to keep them loving us. Dressed up like sluts. Let television and iPads raise our children and our adults. Believe people we don’t know. Michael was/is my hero. He’s not my God. Michael was/is larger than life but he was not life itself. Michael represented creative excellence but he was not excellent. Michael wowed us with Moonwalks and anti-gravity leans but he wasn’t an alien or some supernatural being. With all this Michael is not necessary and for that matter nobody is necessary. Take the parts that inspire and let them inspire, take the parts that disgust and make sure that we apply the pressure and grace to make sure our heroes never put us in this position again. Championing Michael’s good doesn’t mean you also are championing Michael’s bad. Listening to his songs doesn’t mean you are supporting pedophilia or rape. But let’s call him to task, listen to the alleged victims, here all sides and learn the lessons that need to be learned: LESSON#1: STOP GIVING YOUR FUCKING KIDS TO WEIRDOS IN HOPES THAT THEY WILL BECOME STARS BY ASSOCIATION!!! LESSON#1: STOP COMING TO LA WILLING TO DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO GET ON!!! LESSON#1: STOP USING YOUR BODY LIKE ITS A FUCKING CREDIT CARD!!! LESSON#1: YOUR MOUTH, DICK, PUSSY AND ASSHOLE IS NOT A DOORWAY TO YOUR DREAMS!!! LESSON#1: GRAB YOUR DUMB FRIEND BY THE ARM AND PULL THAT BITCH OUT THE CLUB WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!!! LESSON#1: DONT GO!!! LESSON#1: VICTIMS ARENT BORN. VICTIMS ARE MADE. LESSON#1: CHECK THE SHIT OUT OF + POSSIBLY PUT HANDS ON THE PREDATORS AND POTENTIAL PREDATORS THAT ARE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU KNOW ARE UP TO NO GOOD. Admitted predators, rapists & pedo’s are being actively protected by active members of the US gov because they “know too much” yet we still allow these folks to manage the affairs of our society.

A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

Lupe Fiasco says that Michael was/is his hero, but not his god. He says that the lessons we should learn are to stop giving your kids to weirdos, stop using your body like a credit card, and to check the shit out + possibly throw hands with predators.

Jason Derulo says that his new single "Shut Up and Dance" is a tribute to Michael Jackson because he was the reason he started singing and dancing. He says it only has to do with him as a performer, not his personal life. “I started this project because of my love of the performer that Michael Jackson is and the influence that he had on my life as the best performer that ever lived. This has nothing to do with anyone’s personal life.”

🖕🏾 #LetTheKingRest

A post shared by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

Rapper, the Game, shared the MJ stan slogan/photo "Facts don't like. People do" with a photo of Michael Jackson's mouth covered with "Innocent." He captioned it with #letthekingrest and a middle finger emoji.
Juice WRLD said that the legend Michael Jackson should be able to rest and have his legacy stand. says that he doesn't know who or what to believe, but it's a smear campaign with money behind it. He says that if MJ did it, it's sad and humane, but if he didn't do it, what's happening to him is sad and inhumane. He says it's hypocritical that some people want to ban MJ songs because we aren't talking about banning a company that used chemicals to kill Jews and are still buying thousands of products from people/companies that have done terrible things. He thinks talking about banning songs shows the fake, hypocritical, double standards of society because if for example we stopped visiting all the countries that owned slaves at some point, there would be no countries left to visit. He says he is torn about what to believe about MJ, but the MJ he met was the kindest person who wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Filmmaker and MJ defender Keya Morgan praises Donald Trump for always defending Michael Jackson and saying MJ was very misunderstood and people were just out for money from him. Trump and MJ were very good friends and MJ also used to play with Trump's kids (Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump).
He also said that Diana Ross defending Michael Jackson is important because Diana left her own little boy alone with MJ and he was always safe and happy. Keya Morgan is also making a docu-film about Marilyn Monroe and says he will make a film about MJ's innocence after he is done.
Bill Maher also invoked MJ and Trump comparisons about how their defenders will never abandon them no matter how open they are about their misdeeds.
Michael Rapaport, actor and comedian has a thread of tweets, but this is the most relevant one imo.

Singer/songwriter Scott Alan

Salute to the greatest artiste of all generation 750,000,000 albums sold donated over 300,000,000 to charities worldwide Thriller is the biggest selling album of all times over 100,000,000 copies sold: THEY DRAGGED HIM FROM NEVERLAND TO NETHERLANDS ON 14 COUNTS OF CHILD ABUSE AND HE WALKED AWAY FREE IF HE WAS GUILTY ON ONE COUNT Y’ALL THINK HE ‘D WALK FREE: Move unuh duty blooodclaath KKK unuh cyaah smear black history this not R Kelly this is the King of Pop Music MICHEAL JACSON Call him weirdo call him crazy call him whatever but he is no child molester they couldn’t prove it in life why now in death make him Rest In Peace once and for all Black Excellency💪🏿 ALSO WE NOT DEFENDING MJ BCUZ HE’S DEAD WE DEFENDING HIS GREAT MUSICAL LEGACY!

A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER aka RODNEY PRICE (@grunggaadzilla) on

Jamaican DJ, Bounty Killer, basically says this is the KKK trying to smear black history and this isn't R. Kelly, it's the king of pop Michael Jackson who was no child molester, the greatest artist of all generations, sold tons of albums, and was found innocent on all 14 counts of child abuse.
Southern Charm's Shep Rose says that even if there was no sexual abuse, MJ's relationships with stranger's sons was inappropriate.

Jamaican artist, Vybz Kartel, says that no one cares about the truth when the accusation is more entertaining.

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I included any reactions that weren't included in any celebrity reaction posts to Leaving Neverland or hadn't had their own individual posts made (ie. Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, John Legend reactions had their own individual post)
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