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Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Keith Morrison celebrates his 25th anniversary with Dateline

This year marks 25 years of the glorious Keith Morrison hosting the news magazine show Dateline. Keith is best known for his dramatic style of reporting on true crime, and his amazing voice. Here are a few highlights from his interview with TV Insider.

  • He can't pick a favorite story he covered, but the one that hit him the most was when a Vietnam war vet went back to Vietnam to apologize to the daughter of a man he killed during the war.

  • His reaction to finding out Bill Hader was impersonating him on SNL was "horrified and delighted". He's never met Bill but he says he seems like a very nice man.

  • His craziest experience during his career was when he was interviewing a guy who brutally murdered his second wife (second meaning he was married to both of them at the same time). After the interview Keith was getting ready to leave and the guy said, "I don't see what all the fuss is about, I'll see her again in heaven. I mean, we'll be together again and she'll go back to being my wife."

  • He hates speaking in front of crowds.

  • He was very excited when Lady Gaga told him she was a big fan of his show.

  • He doesn't intend on leaving Dateline until they kick him off.

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Keith Morrison appreciation post! What's your favorite Dateline episode? Did you know Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepfather?

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