Broken Friendships, Family Fights and Prison Sentence Anguish: How Lori Loughlin Is Coping

- As anyone could have guessed, Lori Loughlin never took the charges leveled against her seriously and thought she'd "skate" by.

- Lori has been walking around her $15 million mansion "freaking out" after new charges were filed against her yesterday, finally beginning to realize she is facing jail time.

- Lori and her husband, Mossimo, travelled by private jet to their court hearing in Boston last week because Mossimo is "mortified" by the situation.

- Lori has been using Yoga to help her cope and relying on her instincts as a "celebrity" to keep an up-beat public image.

- Lori knows her faith will get her through.

- Lori and Mossimo are finding out who their "real friends" are as most now want nothing to do with them.

- The Fuller House team is rallying around them and her daughters are still "Team Lori" despite this negatively impacting their business deals. (No, this is SERIOUSLY in the article!)


Seriously, read the entire article - it's AHMEEZING!
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