'The View' Round-Up: Meghan Markle Prefers A Female OB-GYN, Justin Hartley, and More

Joy thinks it's understandable to want a female OB-GYN. Abby says she grew up with a male OB-GYN and he happened to be her dad's best friend. Sunny says that statistically the number of male OB-GYNs is going down. Meghan says she just loves Meghan Markle in general and thinks she's a great representative for America.

Sunny praises Maxine Waters as a symbol of decorum and strength and wonders if there was any sexism at play with the way that Steve Mnuchin treated Maxine Waters at the hearing. Abby doesn't think Waters is an example of decorum and bringing the country together because of comments she's made about confronting the Trump administration in restaurants and other public places.

Justin Hartley is promoting Little. He talks about the season finale of This Is Us.

The co-hosts talk to Justin's wife Chrishell Hartley about her overcoming homeless, her new show Selling Sunset, and their relationship.

The co-hosts discuss Trump's ban on transgender people from serving in the military.

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