Jameela Jamil deletes tweet criticising Azealia Banks' alleged surgery as it 'left trans people out'

Earlier this week rapper Azaelia Banks and actress Jameela Jamil appeared to be having a feud. It all started when Banks replied to Jamil's tweet in which she wrote that skin bleaching and whitening products to be banned. Banks wrote in reply: "Sis… you obviously use some sort of 'brightening' serum or nighttime repair product with skin lightening ingredients because your face is lighter than your body," Banks wrote. "You don't realize that a lot of the things you tweet come off as judgmental."

Two days later, Jamil replied, writing that Banks' choice to change "your eyes, hair, skin colour, body" is ultimately yours but that it "comes from some deep self hating programming."

In now-deleted tweets, Banks dismissed Jamil's comments as "late" before repeating her skin whitening accusation against Jamil: "She's mad white in the face lol. Sis is a whole yawn tho. We been moved past her."

Jamil then wrote that Banks is 'obsessed' with her:

Jamil on her now-deleted tweet

On Tuesday, though, Jamil wrote that she regretted her comment that 'extreme' surgery must be an indicator of self-hatred because she [realised] it left trans people out of the conversation:


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Jameela Jamil on Twitter
Jameela Jamil on Twitter