Richard Madden Explains Why Onscreen Nudity Can Project "Unrealistic" Expectations on Men

Madden talked about scenes from the show 'The Bodyguard' in which he wasn't wearing any pants. 
He feels he is "projecting a very unrealistic body image" by appearing nude on screen with a seemingly perfect body fully on display.

Men are negatively affected by unattainable ideals as well, and it's not an easy double standard to reckon with. 
“I’ve done numerous jobs where you’re told to lose weight and get to the gym. It doesn’t just happen to women, it happens to men all the time as well."

He talked about the unfair expectations placed on actors when they are asked to appear nude on screen.
“I find myself with actor friends—after we’ve done a kind of barely eating, working-out-twice-a-day, no-carbing thing for these scenes—looking at each other going: ‘We’re just feeding this same shit that we’re against.'"