Justin Bieber tells Shawn Mendes he can’t take the “Prince of Pop” title from him on Instagram

Former Pop singer turned Christian singer Justin Bieber left a comment on Shawn Mendez’s post for his latest magazine cover declaring him “Prince of Pop.” The Biebs had a problem with the title he feels actually belongs to him by writing, “Hmm gonna have to break a few more records to dethrone my title there bud (Canadian voice)..But if you want, we can play hockey for it, but I heard your [sic] a real bender on the ice we could just drop the buckets and tilt for it.”

Mendes replied with, “LOL any time any day you just let me know!!!!!!” Meanwhile Biebs had to calm some fans down by explaining that he was joking. “There is no competition and it was a playful joke, people, relax...there’s no sides we’re all just here to make dope music. I’m just competitive, as is he, so it was just a little playful jargon.”