Yalitza Aparicio is the new image of the Huawei P30 series

Proving that her shine hasn’t faded, Oscar nominee, Yalitza Aparicio has signed to become the face for the new Huawei line of cell phones the P30 and P30 pro.

With the tag line “sorry, I’m rewriting Mexico right now”, the actress is seen showcasing the new device.

The P30 starts at a €799 launch price, while the P30 pro is €999 for the 128 GB version and €1249 for the 512 GB one.

They have one of the best cameras on a phone, with a triple camera and a super spectrum shooter (able to “see” red, yellow and blue light instead of the typical red, green, blue), it is able to capture a wider range of colors even in extremely low light.

Do you have a Huawei?

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