Taron Egerton: "I always felt more at home in a gay club"

- Not-gay Taron Egerton has said that "He's felt more at home in a gay club than at a football match, far more at home.”" trying to prove he's...an ally?... or something?
- Taron recently clarified that he's not gay, yet he's still taking gay roles from gay actors. He'll play Elton John in 'Rocketman', and he played Tom Hardy's love interest in 'Legends'.
- Taron kept digging his grave with: “I’ve approached it wholeheartedly and I hope that for that reason people accept me [as Elton]. The LGBTQ community has always been about inclusiveness, hasn’t it? Not about ‘We’re here. You’re there.’ In fact, if you want to come in, come on in.”

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