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In Small and Cute News: Gabrielle Union Takes Zion Wade to Miami Pride

Gabrielle Union took her (step)sons Zion and Zaire Wade to the Miami Beach Pride Parade. Union (and Wade's) baby daughter, Kaavia, who curiously has an Instagram, was also there and tagged in a number of the stories.

DWade, Union, and Zaire each posted Instagram stories supporting 11-year-old Zion. Wade's captions included "We support each other with Pride," "It's a family thing," and "Zion had his on [sic] cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid!" and I know we generally think DWade is trash, this is a very nice way to support his kid. Zion's older brother, Zaire, also posted "Love you lil bro no matter what💉♥" He posted another that said "gotcha back kid. Support gang!"

Some (morally reprehensible) media outlets have previously posted photos of Zion, which were then deleted when people were unsurprisingly hateful.

Sources: Growing up Gay Twitter, Gabrielle Union IG, Dwyane Wade IG, Zaire Wade IG, me and my IG. (Thanks for for hosting!)

ONTD, which Prides will you be attending? For my gay and Black ONTD fam, how will you be getting your Black gay life this summer?

Tags: black celebrities, candids, candids - celebrity kids, celebrity children / siblings, celebrity social media, gabrielle union, lgbtq / rights
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