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ONTD Original: The Women Behind Stephen King's Filmography, Part One

Stephen King and director Mary Lambert on the set of 'Pet Sematary' (1989).

When it comes to Stephen King's filmography, there may be plenty of monsters on screen, but the true horror is the absence of women behind it.

Of the forty-some (and counting) theatrically released adaptations of King's work, only two have been directed by women, and only two have been co-written by women.

No King movie has been solely written by a woman.

Seventeen theatrical adaptations of King's work are in pre-production on which writers and directors have been announced, and not a single woman is among them, despite many bearing female protagonists (Rose Madder and The Gingerbread Girl, among others).

As it's the 30th anniversary of the original Pet Sematary (and its remake hit theaters this weekend), it felt fitting to begin with Mary Lambert, not only the first female director to tackle King's work, but also the record-holder for the highest grossing horror film directed by a woman.

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What's your favorite horror movie directed and/or written by a woman, ONTD?
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