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Tom Cruise’s kids are rockstars in the Scientology world


-Connor and Isabella, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's adoptive kids, are "rockstars" among scientologist
-A few days ago Isabella sent a message for all scientologist (see post here) and came out as a Top Scientology Recruiter
-According to the article, both are ready to step into the spotlight as prominent scientologist
-Tom is considered a deity in the religion
-After many years as a "heartbreaker" among Scientologist, Connor seems to be dating italian scientologist Silvia Zanchi a 26-year-old from Italy who was raised in a Scientology family and is a recruiter as well, Tom seems to be very happy about this match
-They need to step up as scientologist in public after a 20-year membership decline for the church
-After Tom and Nicole's divorce they got 50/50 custody, but the children were raised mostly by Tom as scientologist and in Leah Remini's book she recall asking Isabella about her mother and Isabella answering her "Our mom is a f–king SP" (Suppressive Person)
-Connor was a DJ and is now a fishing guide who lives in Florida and he's considered the most popular guy in the Scientology scene, but people who hang with him cannot ask about his father - and are glad to be out with him because he usually pays and they are poor because they work for free for the church
-Isabella is married to IT consultant Max Parker and lives in London, she recently launched her fashion line "BCK" (Bella Cruise Kidman), according to the article her husband is not a scientologist
-Meanwhile 13years old Suri Cruise lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, and is not raised in Scientology. Katie left Tom Cruise when Suri was 6, the age in witch usually children start being indoctrinated into Scientology
Tags: katie holmes, nicole kidman, scientology, suri cruise, tom cruise

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