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Jeremy Renner Is Such A Tease Part 4: Stripping Edition!

Follow up to Jeremy Renner Is Such A Tease Part 3: More Avengers 4 Reshoots?!

Jeremy Renner shared a time lapse video on his app of him trying on clothes at his Los Angeles home for the Avengers Endgame press tour.

Jeremy unashamedly walks with his fly open as he tries on shirts. He zips up but and tries on and takes off each shirt, revealing his chiseled arms and torso with each change. Sadly he walks away from the camera when as he takes off each shirt. As Jeremy looks at himself in the mirror his stylist and an assistant look a over the clothes and pin back the fabric where the shirts need to be tailored in to fit just right on Jeremy's gorgeous body.


ONTD, Adonis who?!
Tags: actor / actress, candids, celebrity designers / fashion, celebrity social media, jeremy renner, marvel, my body is ready, sexy, slow news day, the avengers, who asked for this
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