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Rian Johnson Doesn't Care if Abrams Retconns 'The Last Jedi'

While Abrams directed Episode 7 of the returning Star Wars saga, Episode 8 was helmed by Rian Johnson to....mixed......reception.

At CinemaCon, a MTV reporter asked Rian Johnson (who was there shoting footage of KNIVES OUT, starring Michael Shannon and some other people) asked 'If he retconns the lineage of Rey's parents, or whatever else he wants to do is fine by you?"

Johnson says that he's 'let go of all expectations' and 'wants to go along for the ride'.

While your changes don't dictate the rest of a franchise.....why waste everyone's time and money if you don't care that someone is retconning what's part of an overarching story.

This is what happens when you don't have a plan from the beginning.

Expect a trailer and title for EPISODE 9 next week, at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Johnson is still working on his other Star Wars project


Would you like to see The Last Jedi retconned? I liked it :x
Tags: #starwars, star wars
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