Montana Wildhack (demented_21) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Montana Wildhack

SVU Promo for 20x20 AND Season 21, Because There Is No God!

Next week season on SVU, we will have been watching this goddamn show for a record 21 years!!!! And we wouldn't have it any other way! (I'm kidding, we would all rather see the Mothership break this record, but there is no God, only Dick Wolf.)

At least the bland ADA will be gone (to the delight of all ONTD bitter Barba stans), so there is a smidgeon of hope that, in Season 21, a new cast member might breathe some life into this dying show. Then again, judging from this week's episode, maybe they'll just get rid of Fin and Carisi too, and the show will just be Benson/Rollins, all the time (and not even in the good way).


I could barely find any Carisi gifs, apparently he was barely on this week. Hell, this season. I'm pretty sure we won't even get one of those random Carisi-heavy episodes we at least used to get once a year. Yay? Needless to say, I didn't watch last night's episode, not even to support my queen Lucy Liu. I'll just wait for Season 7 of Elementary. Anyway, ONTD, question time! How do you feel about the Season 21 renewal? What do you think about SVU breaking the record for longest running live-action drama, even though it's been getting progressively worse for about 3 years, whereas the Mothership was unjustly cancelled when it was enjoying a creative uptick? What do you think about the departure of yet another ADA, and who would you want to see take his place? Do you wish Peter Scanavino had the guts to follow Danny Pino (a KING) and Raul Esparza, and amicably leave this show which constantly underuses him? And, lastly, are you ready for one more year of our ONTD posts? Because I am! ❤️❤️❤️
Tags: law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, television, television - nbc, television promo / stills
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