Pamela Anderson wades into Assange and Brexit debates; Assange might lose asylum

ICYMI, the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is expected to expell Julian Assange within hours to days. Ecuador granted the Wikileaks founder asylum seven years ago and has been sheltering Assange at its Embassy in London ever since. However, the already strained relationship between Assange and Ecuador appears to have recently taken a turn for the worse, with President Lenín Moreno claiming that Assange “repeatedly violated” his terms of asylum and that WikiLeaks had intercepted “photos of my bedroom, what I eat, and how my wife and daughters and friends dance.”

Pamela Anderson has taken to twitter in defense of Assange, both retweeting Assange's mother's plea for protection for her son and offering her own take on the situation, in which she calls for Assange to be granted safe passage to Australia, the revocation of Article 50, Jeremy Corbyn to be PM, and accuses Trump of bullying Ecuador into expelling Assange:

Fashion mogul Vivienne Westwood has also thrown her support behind Assange:

Assange surrendered himself to the British police in 2010 in response to an international arrest warrant issued by Sweden, where authorities were investigating Assange for rape and sexual assault. In 2012, while out on bail, Assange sought asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London over fears that Sweden would extradite him to the US over his involvement in Wikileaks. While Swedish authorities later dropped their investigation, Assange is still subject to a warrant issued by the London Metropolitan Police for breaching his bail conditions.

In case you've forgotten what a lecherous creep Assange is, don't worry, author Hadley Freeman has you covered:

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