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The White Chicks of 'White Chicks' Reunite!

Busy Phillips brought her former White Chicks co-stars Jaime King, Brittany Daniel, and Jessica Cauffiel on her talk show Busy Tonight to reminisce about the classic comedy that will celebrate its 15th anniversary this summer. The quartet share their fond memories from the set, and even recreate their iconic dance battle, in the videos below.

A quick summary of the video, in case you don't care to watch:

-They give a shout-out to Jennifer Carpenter (remember she was in this movie too!!!), who was working in New York and couldn’t make the show.

-Jessica Cauffiel was kind of upset that director Keenan Ivory Wayans made her dye her hair red from blonde, but she trusted his vision.

-They choreographed and rehearsed the dance scene to Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" without even knowing they had the rights to it yet.

-The women all say people recognize them from White Chicks the most out of everything they done, and always sing "A Thousand Miles" to them.

-The Wayans brothers took them to actual nightclubs to practice their dance scene, which had to be changed up at the last minute because they got too good at it.

And here is the recreation of the epic dance battle scene, although Jaime has to sit it out because she injured herself while rehearsing (Sonique from season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race fills in).

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Favorite moments from this cinematic masterpiece?
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