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ONTD Original: Others on Wade Robson and James Safechuck's relationships with Michael Jackson

Maureen Orth, a Vanity Fair writer who has done extensive reporting on the likes of Michael Jackson and Woody Allen, wrote a list of "Ten Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse Allegations." Before her list of facts, she describes a conversation with Dennis Robson, Wade Robson's late father, back in 1993 after Jordan Chandler's allegations against Michael Jackson became public. There have been many employees, family members, journalists, and more who have spoken about Wade Robson and James Safechuck's, the subjects of "Leaving Neverland," relationships with Michael Jackson dating back decades before they publicly came forward as victims.
Wade Robson

Michael Jackson himself took credit for bringing Wade from Australia to America:
SB: “Oh, he wasn’t from ‘N Sync, Wade?”
MJ: ”No, he’s a choreographer for Britney Spears and ‘N Sync. See I taught Wade.”
SB: ”Really?”
MJ: ”Yeah, I taught Wade. All the stuff you see Britney Spears and ‘N Sync doing, that whole style came from me ’cause I taught Wade. Wade’s from Australia and I brought him to America.”
-"The Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation" by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (x)

Dennis Robson, Wade Robson's late father, in conversation with Maureen Orth:

  • Maureen Orth's January 1994 article "Nightmare in Neverland" (x) talks about how there was an anguished father who called her in despair that he had ever allowed MJ to share a bed with his son. He said that he had no proof anything sexual happened, but he himself was molested by an uncle and kept the secret from his parents for 30 years. He and his wife were divorced and he lived so far away that he rarely ever saw his son. His wife told him that if he ever talked to the press he would never see his son again. A week later he called Maureen again, but this time was eager to give a positive quote about MJ after being in contact with his wife.

  • Maureen confirmed it was Dennis Robson who called her back in 1993 in her March 2019 article "Ten Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse Allegations" (x): "Wade’s mother, Joy, wasn’t talking, but his father, Dennis, surprised me by returning my call from his home in Australia. Dennis explained that Joy had taken Wade and his sister to Los Angeles so Wade could be with Jackson, adding that he was afraid that he might lose his son if he said anything against the pop superstar. Dennis’s sorrow was compounded by his own dark secret: he himself had been molested as a child, he told me, and had been unable to bring himself to tell anyone for 30 years. Then, a week later, Dennis Robson called me back. He had just gotten through to his wife and now he wanted to change his story and give me a quote praising Jackson. I asked him what had prompted this sudden change of heart. He paused. It was all just a mixup, he said. Dennis, who had been diagnosed as bipolar shortly before his wife left, never got over losing his family, all because his son, then five, had won a local dance contest, and the first prize was a meeting with his idol, Michael Jackson."

Blanca Francia, Michael Jackson's maid from 1986 to 1991:

  • Blanca Francia in her 2005 testimony reported by LA Times (x) said that she once saw MJ and Wade Robson in the shower together and that Wade's neon-green Spider-Man underwear was on the floor near MJ's white briefs. She knew it was theirs because she did their laundry. She also saw MJ and Wade watching TV nude from the waist up in bed together partially under the covers on two other occasions.

Charlie Michaels, Michael Jackson's former security guard:

Mark Quindoy, one of Michael Jackson's employees:

Orietta Murdock, Michael Jackson's employee:

-Victor Gutierrez's 1997 book, "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" (x)

Jordan Chandler, the first person to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of sexual abuse:

  • According to Victor Gutierrez's 1997 book, "Michael Jackson Was My Lover," (x) Jordan Chandler said that Michael told him that there were other boys like Wade Robson that he masturbated to make Jordan feel that masturbation was okay becauase others did the same thing.

Joy Robson, Wade Robson's mother, in conversation with Victor Gutierrez in 1992:

-Victor Gutierrez's 1997 book, "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" (x)

Victor Gutierrez, author of "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" on Wade and Joy Robson:

-Victor Gutierrez's 1997 book, "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" (x)

James Safechuck

LaToya Jackson, Michael Jackson's sister, said at 4:18 that their mother showed her a check Michael wrote for Jimmy Safechuck and asked her "what do you think they're doing up there" because he's the little boy that comes over and sleeps in the same bed with Michael and gets locked up in the same room as him to prove Michael was "nothing but a damn f*ggot."

LaToya has also done other interviews back in 1993 talking about the allegations against her brother. She also mentions her mother showing her the check to a boy's father who was a garbage collector. James Safechuck's father was a garbage collector.

James Safechuck's father, James Safechuck Sr. (he passed away from illness not too long before interviews for Leaving Neverland started), defended Michael Jackson against Jordan Chandler's allegations back in 1994. He told the grand jury on April 12, 1994, that Michael was like a son to him and that he trusted Michael with both his and his son's life. He saw Michael kissing his son on the lips, but said he saw nothing wrong with it. He also told the jury that Michael used to come to the Safechuck's home "more times than he could count" and that Michael and Jimmy would wear pajamas with feet and run around the house. He said that he asked his son if there was any truth to Jordan Chandler's allegations when they came out, but his son told him "No, Dad" and that was all he needed to hear.

Sam Smyth, Irish journalist:

  • Sam Smyth on RTE Radio 1's "The Ray D'Arcy Show" in March 2019 (x) talked about how he and Eamon Dunphy wrote James Safechuck a note that said "Dear Little Jimmy Safechuck, we are in the residents' lounge... and if you are being held against your will or if you need rescuing contact us." They gave it to the hotel porter with a handsome tip to put it under James' door, but they never heard from him. They wrote him the note because they thought it was odd how MJ, a 30 year old man, was best friends with a 10 year old boy and thought it was strange that James had his own room at Jury's Hotel that had a "do not disturb" sign and sheeting on the windows to block out views.

A Bad Tour publicist:

  • A Bad Tour publicist told Billboard in March 2019 (x) that they always suspected MJ was a pedophile because he was always holding hands and spending all his time with James on the Bad Tour. The official story they gave the press was that James was on the tour because Pepsi was the sponsor and he was the kid from the Pepsi tour commercial. Someone told Michael that the press thought it looked strange, but he didn't listen and continued holding hands with James and taking him everywhere. The publicist couldn't believe that the parents allowed it when they were moved to the band/staff hotel instead of the MJ/management hotel where MJ and James stayed together.

Bob Jones, Michael Jackson's former publicist:

  • There was one kid, James Safechuck, with whom Michael managed to carry on a clandestine relationship for years. James and his parents traveled with us around the world throughout 1988 and 1989 on the “Bad” tour. Michael and James spent virtually all their time together. James slept in Michael’s room at night. In the afternoons, schedule permitting, in whatever exotic forgein city we were in, Michael would make chauffeur-driven cars available to James’ parents for shopping sprees, entertaiment, sight seeing and other diversions, clearing the way for hours alone together with James in the privacy of his hotel room. In Paris I told Michael, “The press is going to start questions about all these little white boys you keep around.” When I said that he grew irritated and replied, “Who cares what they think?” -Bob Jones in his 2009 book co-written with Stacy Brown, "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask: An Insider's Story of the King of Pop"

Philip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft, Michael Jackson's former chefs:

  • Philip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft on August 28, 1993 (x) told investigators that there was a boy named Jimmy Safechuck that used to come to the ranch all the time, but stopped when he got too old. He would call al the time, but Michael would tell them to say he wasn't there and then smile about it.

  • Philip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft in the 2005 documentary "Michael Jackson's Secret World" (x) said that they used to set up the table like Michael was going to be there for dinner, but they knew he wasn't coming because he thought James was too old now and just didn't tell James.

Jordan Chandler, the first person to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of sexual abuse:

  • "The 13-year-old told psychiatrist Dr.Richard Gardner that Jackson had confided that many boys had masturbated in front of him, including “a boy who went on the Bad tour with him” (x)

Stella Marcroft Lemarque, Michael Jackson's former chef, according to Victor Gutierrez's 1997 book, "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" (x)

  • When I was working for Michael, I saw him with Jimmy Safechuck," said Estella Lemarque. "The ranch manager. Norma Staikos, told me firmly: 'Estella, each time the Safechucks came you had to treat them so well that you almost kissed their asses. They are the only ones, the only ones that could change [that is, hurt] Michael.' Later on, the Safechucks told me they were going to press charges against Michael, but then changed their minds." Estella said that she was not supposed to speak about any of the relationships between Jackson and the boys. "But everyone at the ranch knew. We would all joke about it, including the guards. It's a big joke."

Blanca Francia, Michael Jackson's maid:

Jolie Levine, Michael Jackson's employee:

Mark Quidoy, Michael Jackson's employee:

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
[op thoughts]
Trash people stick together, since Trump keeps getting mentioned in all these MJ stories... Orietta Murdock said MJ once canceled a meeting with Trump because he was "ill" even though he was really spending the night with Wade Robson. There's also Macaulay Culkin's story about how the first time he met MJ was when MJ went backstage with Trump to the Nutcracker play Macaulay was starring in. Also everything about Joy Robson is so upsetting... Maureen Orth's story about how Dennis Robson told her that Joy threatened him with never seeing his son again... Victor Gutierrez's story about Wade dancing on the street to get money for the family, Joy suspecting MJ abused young boys, and Joy using her talk with Victor to get Wade back into MJ's life to solve the family's financial situation... James Safechuck Sr. defending MJ kissing his son on the lips was also super upsetting...

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