Did 'You're The Worst' just aired one of the best Series Finales ever?

- 'You're The Worst' aired it's series finale tonight.
- People are calling it one of the best finales of the last few years.
- The show ended with *SPOILER WARNING* [Spoiler (click to open)]Jimmy and Gretchen did not get married, and instead chose to love each other daily, the flashforwards ended up belonging to Paul and Lindsay's 2nd wedding, Oscar got back in touch with Jimmy after years and moving away for his stand up career, and ended up possibly dating the florist. Jimmy and Gretchen had a baby girl and the florist became their nanny. Their new arrangement allowed them to be together with a foot out the door all the time... which is quite fitting for You're The Worst.

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ONTD, did you like the finale?