The Act’s Co-Creators Are Making Real Art From True Crime

Vulture sat down with the creators of Hulu's The Act, Michelle Dean and Nick Antosca, to discuss their new series. Some highlights:
- they talk about the true crime genre of television, feel as many shows don't dig as deep into the psychology of the characters as they should
- Michelle Dean, who wrote an article on the case for Buzzfeed (from which the series was optioned), interviewed Gypsy and had access to medical files, court transcripts, etc.
- future seasons of The Act will also focus on crimes that are based on some sort of deception or performance
- the show is written and directed by mostly women
- Nick Antosca sees it as less of a true crime piece, and more about a young woman discovering herself and her capabilities

tbh just an excuse to discuss the show. have you been watching, ontd?