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Warner Brothers @ CinemaCon 2019

Following up the STX post, Warner Brothers also had it's grand showing today.

Speaking of the DCEU, Emmerich calls the Suicide Squad sequel "Suicide Squad 2" instead of "The Suicide Squad" so who knows at this point.

Also, Birds of Prey (& WW1984) is killing it in a sizzle reel;

& JOKER first look drops, "Creepy", "I'd say this is a tragedy" - Todd Phillips. "Full" teaser tomorrow, so I left the description vague. If you want more details, go to Twitter.

Get the people on your side; This happened while Helen Mirren presented the trailer for THE GOOD LIAR;

Woman who can afford to go and makes money on if people go proclaims the theater is the best place for movies. Do you think she has some investment in the process? *Think emoji*

Do you care about SUPERINTELLIGENCE? Ya, me neither, but here's Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone pretending that she thought it was Comic-Con.


Warner Animation stops beating The Lego Franchise into the ground and talks about other things.

Melissa is back with Tiffany Haddish to talk about THE KITCHEN


I was guessing a trailer was to come out fairly soon, but maybe next week, as JOKER is tomorrow.

Also mentioned: Shaft footage (Great), A short Detective Pikachu clip, random shots from Doctor Sleep, King of The Monsters footage, The Goldfinch (Awardbait), Motherless Brooklyn.


If there's anything else, well, that's what comments are for eh? This thing has already gone on for an hour and a half.
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