Audience member tries to hug Wendy Williams. It did not go well.

-Wendy Williams was giving out show merchandise at her show last week when she allegedly refused an audience member hug request.

- One woman who was picked to get a t shirt walked down with her arms extended. Ms. Williams said no hugging. When the woman still kept her arms extended, Ms. Williams allegedly cocked her arm back with t shirt in hand and stood defensively.

-This may not the first time the talk show host has dodged a fan's hug. One such fan shared a story. After an "ask wendy" segment the woman participated in, the woman spotted Willims in the audience and asked for a hug. She says Williams just stared at her.

- The Woman:" After the segment, I'm super excited thinking this is just amazing. I see her and I'm like' Hey girl, Wendy. It's all good. Give me a hug!." And she literally looked at me with a death stare. She looked me up and down,and shook her head. "She refused my hug.I don't think anybody ever has refused my hug in my life".

- Williams does give hugs to guest.

- She has spoken of not liking being touched in the past.


Ontd: Do you hug strangers?. Do you like strangers hugging you?