Ariana, Drake and BTS save the music industry: boost music sales to $9bn with highest profits

Bts has had an incredible year by breaking through to the american market and embarking on a stadium world tour, the boys join light skin keith sweat: Drake and newly sexually fluid mumble chanteuse Ariana Burnt Tan Grande as the artists accredited to saving the music industry. Music sales in the past year have gone up to $9 billion, which is the highest in a decade. Yuh yuh songstress Ariana Grande has broken streaming records, has been in the top 2 position in the albums chart since the release of thank you next and is the only female to ever be placed 1,2 and 3 YUH on the hot 100. Meanwhile, Aubrey is the highest male streaming artist. Both donut licker and aubrey are the highest male and female streaming artists.


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