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STX @ CinemaCon 2019

It's the best time of year for the people running theater chains hoping to get more people into the theater - CinemaCon, April 1 - 4th.

Here are some highlights from STX's panel, just concluded. Here's Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull ("Uglydolls"), offering to father some more children.

THE BOY II is now called BRAHMS THE BOY II and ok you do that. Katie Holmes introduced a new trailer for it.Says she's ok with being in horror movies - It's watching them she can't stand.

Kelly Clarkson performed a bit of Broken and Beautiful from UGLYDOLLS.

Hey, remember THE GENTLEMEN when it was called BUSH and TOFF GUYS? Yeah, Cinematic Criminal Guy Ritchie's second film of 2019 has been retitled, and apparently has a snazzy trailer.

OP has her misgivings that this movie will be as good as Rocknrolla but ok.

Chadwick Boseman himself came on stage to talk about 21 BRIDGES, a disgraced cop searching for a cop killer and the cops are connected to a criminal empire that's apparently NOT the NYPD. Stephan James is also in the movie.

Finally, we have James Gunn's Champion, Dave Bautista in MY SPY, about a man teaching a little girl how to be a spy.

Could be worse.

Also mentioned at the panel; A potential Friday the 13th Reboot, Bad Moms Moms, JLo's Hustlers, The Secret Garden, and two things called Countdown and Horizon Line,

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