'The View' Round-Up: Americans OK With Gay Candidate, De-Cluttering Regrets, Valerie Jarrett, & More

The co-hosts discuss whether or not they think Americans are ready for a gay president after Pete Buttigieg's campaign raised $7 million in the first quarter. Joy speculates that President James Buchanan might have been the first gay president because he lived as a bachelor with Vice President William Rufus King and they acted like a couple.

Joy says old photos indicate that Joe Biden is touchy feely with everyone, including men. Ana says that people are going to start putting bubblewrap around themselves when they go out campaigning. Meghan says that politicians won't be allowed to be empathetic or give hugs anymore and it's sad.

Joy says a woman's daughter was upset after her mother burnt all but two love letters that she received from her husband while he was stationed overseas. The co-hosts discuss having de-cluttering regrets and getting rid of old love letters.

Valerie Jarrett reacts to talks of repealing the Affordable Care Act. She says it's absurd to go back to a time before the Affordable Care Act especially when Republicans have yet to come up with a viable replacement.

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ONTD, do you think James Buchanan and William King were a gay power couple?