Michael Jackson biographer claims new evidence disproves documentary abuse claims, director responds

Mike Smallcombe, a British journalist and the author of the Michael Jackson biography Making Michael, spoke to the Mirror last week about new evidence that he asserts disproves the allegations of child sexual-abuse made in Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland:

• In the film, Wade Robson claims that the abuse he endured at the hands of Jackson began when he was left behind, at seven years old, at the singer's Neverland ranch while his family visited the Grand Canyon.

• Smallcombe claims that Robson's mother, Joy, testified under oath in 1993 that her son had in fact been with the family for the trip in question, and that she reaffirmed this in a 2016 deposition.

• James Safechuck, the other man whose allegations of CSA are detailed in Leaving Neverland, is also being accused of fabricating his testimony. Safechuck claims in the film that he was abused from 1988 until 1992, when he was 14, and that Jackson abused him in an upstairs room in Neverland's train station.

• Smallcombe has uncovered Santa Barbara County permits that show that construction on said train station didn't start until late 1993, and didn't open until Safechuck was 16.

Reed took to his Twitter account to respond to Smallcombe, admitting that while "there seems to be no doubt about about the station [opening] date," he stands by the abuse allegations made by Safechuck:

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