ANTM's Jael on every type of drug imaginable

About a week ago I attended a good friend's birthday party (at his home mind you) and Jael from America's Next Top Model showed up as a friend of a friend of a friend. Man was she HAGGARD! When she first came in to the party she immediately pulled out some sort of horse tranquilizer-sized pill and popped it. She was wearing a heinous blue wig that probably hadn't been combed once and blade-runner-esque makeup. Throughout the night she preceded to take down a superman statue on the mantle, snort something off it and offer drugs to various partgoers. She also kept trying to get into the closet where the cat was being kept to avoid it freaking out, probably to do more drugs. She danced around the house like a maniac and became so incredibly sweaty that I'm guessing she probably could have overdosed at any minute, I of course took TONS of pictures. I eventually had to kick her out and she called me a cunt and tried to fight me. All in all, it was worth it for the pictures that are about to follow:


Source: ONTD! Thanks to picklecookies for watermark!

Edit: The host of the party wanted me to link to his journal here due to various naysayers especially on topmodel. Because it was his party he says "as host it is my right to post pix from my own party, and they can be linked anywhere because it's the internet"
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