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'The Matrix' turns 20 years old this month!

- The Wachowskis' landmark, groundbreaking film 'The Matrix' celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Warner Bros. originally wanted to release this film on summer 1999 against Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but they pressured the filmmakers in rushing post-production and release it on March 1999 instead.

- The filmmakers found it hard to cast the lead roles. Will Smith was originally slated to play Neo, Jada Pinkett-Smith auditioned to play Trinity, and the studio wanted Val Kilmer to play Morpheus. All of that didn't happen although Jada would eventually have a role in the sequels.

- The cast trained with famed Hong Kong martial arts choreographer and expert Yuen Woo-ping to create the balletic, liquid style of fighting shown in the film.

- The film introduced the concept of simulation and simulacra to audiences worldwide. Its famous "bullet time" sequence was immediately parodied in films like Scary Movie.

- The film won 4 Oscars (film editing, sound mixing, sound editing, and visual effects) and grossed $460 million worldwide.

more @ source

Do you feel old, ONTD? Where were you when you first watched The Matrix? Are we living in a simulation?
Tags: anniversary / birthday, film - science fiction, keanu reeves, warner bros
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