Colton Haynes opens up about battle with drugs and alcohol

-Colton hasn't had the easiest year and half and he finally opens up with what has been going on with life.

-After coming out as gay in 2016 the amount of attention he was receiving caused him spin out of control. Paired with his marriage failing and mother passing away he started to abuse drugs and alcohol revealing that out of the 10 years he's been drinking, he had only had about 25 days with no alcohol.

-All of this caused him to get fired from a high profile comedy movie after he showed up to set on Day 1 looking dead in the eyes.

-He went on a 7 day alcohol/drug bender and was found bruised in his hotel room which lead to him being placed on a 5150 psyche hold.

-He's been sober for 6 months after completing a 4 month stint in rehab.