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High Schoolers turn Alien into a play and everyone is loving it.

On March 21-23, the drama students of North Bergen High School in New Jersey put on a stage production of the iconic film ALIEN. The kids went all out, using mostly recycled and donated material to create the films aesthetic for the stage.

Footage of the play hit Reddit and Twitter after and took the internet by storm. Praise has especially come from the cast and crew. Production designers Rick Carter and Rick Heinrichs called the play "visionary", star Sigourney Weaver took to YouTube to send her praise from herself, James Cameron and screenwriter Walter Hill. Even NJ Governor Phil Murphy praise it on Twitter.

And now the film's director Ridley Scott is sending his love, writing a personal letter to the students, praising the club for its imagination and to let nothing hold them back. He also mentioned his production company will get in touch with them to help fund an encore.

He suggested their next play be Gladiator.


this has me so shook.
Tags: broadway / theatre, film - science fiction, film director, sigourney weaver
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