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'The Walking Dead Game: The Final Season' brings an end to an era

The fourth and final episode released yesterday after a tumultuous experience filled with ups and downs both internally within the game and externally with Telltale Games shutting down and Skybound saving the game from unknown certainty. But after seven years, Clementine's story has come to an end.

Acquiring the ex-Telltale employees and finishing the final two episodes of the fourth Walking Dead season was a huge endeavor that cost "millions of dollars of investment" but the CEO of Skybound Games Ian Howe had full support of the head of Skybound and the creator of the Walking Dead franchise itself, Robert Kirkman with him simply saying "let’s go finish the story." And with that the "Still Not Bitten" team was formed and gave Clementine, AJ, and this series the proper ending it deserved.

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I just finished the episode today, and it feels surreal building up a character after seven years. I'm gonna miss my baby girl Clem. Has anyone else finished the season? What were the choices you made?
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