Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson take a lie detector test together.

BFFs Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly (currently co-starring in The Dirt on Netflix) sat down with Vanity Fair to do a lie detector test together. Pete asked MGK the questions, and then they switched.

- Colson says that Pete is the funniest cast member of SNL (lie detector test determined that was a lie).
- Colson doesn't think Pete can rap, but Pete thinks Colson can do stand-up.
- Pete doesn't think he can act, and can only play himself (at least he's self-aware).
- Pete thinks Colson is better looking, but that he is better at flirting.
- Pete once went to dinner with Kanye West and Kid Cudi and paid.
- Pete trusts John Mulaney with his life.
- They overuse the phrase "that's 100."