MMA announcer Jimmy Smith found 14 staples in his burrito from Chipotle

MMA announcer Jimmy Smith says that when he took a bite out of his burrito from Chipotle, he found 14 staples in his mouth. “I took one bite and it was something hard in there and I pulled it out of my tooth and it was 14 staples. A brick of staples!”

Smith called the Chipotle in Delray Beach, Florida to complain and “freaked out” on the manager. He was offered another burrito but Smith declined and said he just wanted to let them know so it wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

A rep for Chipotle has already reached out to make things right with Smith, but he’s made it clear he is not seeking free food or money and will not be filing a lawsuit against the company. He just wants to make sure a mistake like this never happens again.

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