Stacey Abrams appears on 'The View' and the co-hosts discuss Anita Hill

Stacey Abrams is open to all possibilities but thinks you don't run for second place in an election. She is thinking about running for president, as well as senator or governor a second time. She hasn't decided.

Abrams thinks it's important to call out issues in the electoral process.

Abram praises Biden for starting the process of apologizing.

Abrams compares Barr explaining the Mueller report to your brother explaining your grades to your parents.

Meghan says Biden is a great man and the Democrats are in trouble in 2020 if they keep eating their own. Joy suggest that Biden apologize to Anita Hill on-air.

Joy jokes that there are more plot twists to this case than an episode of Empire. Abby and Meghan don't believe Jussie. Sunny shares her legal perspective.

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