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Chris Evans Talks Trump, Tom Brady, and those retirement rumors

*Says the rumors of his retirement were overblown, he mentioned wanting to direct more and told his agents to start looking more for those opportunities, and it turned into "Chris Evans says he's retiring."

*Fears being enveloped when he's in a relationship, wants someone who also has their own thing happening. Likes camping alone.

*The idea of not speaking up about political matters because of a fear that it will damage his career or finances feels gross to him, and Marvel doesn't have a problem with him speaking out.

*Says he tried to pull some mental gymnastics to compartmentalize his love of Tom Brady and Tom Brady's love of Trump, but he can't do that anymore and if Brady is still supporting such a dumb shit as Trump, he'd cut him loose.

*Wants to do a musical, was hard to hear he's too old now for West Side Story.

*Doesn't really smoke weed anymore, thinks it gets in his way and at 37 he can't be sitting around getting stoned all the time.

*Makes a bunch of jokes about Cap dying and says he choked up at least 3 times while watching Endgame (or the parts he's seen, doesn't sound like he's seen the whole film cut together.)


Mods, this is different than what was posted yesterday, this is the actual interview which came out this morning.
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