Fleabag/Phoebe Waller Bridge Round-Up

Four new episodes have already aired on BBC 3 and Amazon Prime (the whole thing will be available on May 17th) and no post so...

Olivia Colman, Sian Clifford, Hugh Skinner, Hugh Dennis and Bill Paterson are all back. Kristin Scott-Thomas, Fiona Shaw are new additions (“They literally begged me to be in it. Begged me. Begged. One of them was crying"), as well as Andrew Scott as a sexy priest.
The theme of S2 is 'Fleabag vs God.' Picking up a year after last season ended, Fleabag's shiny façade has unraveled - how is she going to cope with grief and guilt?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is currently on a sold-out Off-Broadway run of Fleabag, the play which she originated in 2013. She doesn't plan on writing a third season "before I’m 50. It takes so much out of me, and at the same time, it gives me so much energy, this character, that I feel like I’ve got to go and do some more stuff before I find out where she gets to next.”

How are you liking the new season? Are you shookus from last night's episode?

sources: variety vogue