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sky ferreira is pitchfork's premiere cover artist

sky ferreira is the cover artist for the premiere issue of pitchfork's quarterly digital zine (op note: which i      guess is a thing that's separate from what pitchfork was already doing...?--idk--don't @ me).

    choice excerpts from the interview include...

  • 'downhill lullaby,' is a five-and-a-half-minute, goth-noir, chamber-pop piece—with strings!—that could have easily closed an episode of the revived twin peaks" and was co-produced by sky and twin peaks' music supervisor, dean hurley.

  • "another forthcoming track, tentatively titled “don’t forget,” is a new wave time warp, a lovely bit of nostalgia therapy for people who were never there—even if it is, according to sky, 'about burning down houses.'”

  • [on her arrest] “'the thing that’s still so fucked up about that: i didn’t have a drug problem, i dated someone who had a drug problem, i was in a car with someone who had a drug problem,' she says. 'no one wants to talk about how my charge got dropped.'...'i was really young; i wasn’t even 21 yet for most of it. that wasn’t my great love story of my life,' she says, adding, 'the people that have treated me so much better—they’re the ones who deserve the attention, not that guy.'”

  • [on the album] "sky promises 'more poppy' songs on masochism too, as well as more 'abstract,' orchestral stuff. 'it’s very big, but also very violent,' she says, half-chuckling. 'but not all the songs are super-dark.'”

  • "'i don’t have a back-up plan,' sky says. 'i never have. i don’t have an education. i don’t know how to, like, play music in the [traditional] sense. i’m socially awkward and stuff—i couldn’t really do a lot of other jobs either,' she says. 'literally, there’s no other option for me. so this has to work.'...(sky never learned to drive.)" (op note: not a virgin, but still can't drive is very ontd 2019)

          random bits:

  • fell down an elevator shaft in 2014 on her third night opening for miley cyrus' arena tour and still performed the next day.

  • doesn't have an acting agent.

  • is gluten intolerant but doesn't talk about it because she doesn't think people will believe her.

  • see's her pets in game of thrones characters "(her cat, egg, would be a lannister, while his brother, squirrel, would be from the north)."

  • " speaks in em dashes. it’s less that she loses her train of thought, and more that her thought train is screeching onto a new track." (op note: me af which anyone that has read my comments can attest to).


ontd, how excited are you for (what i'm presuming sky's sophomore album is still titled) masochism on a scale of 9.9 - 10? also, don't come for me or my lack of hanging quotes--posts are hard enough and stuff.
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