Celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos is alleged co-conspirator in Avenatti's Nike extortion scandal

Mark Geragos and Michael Avenatti allegedly met with Nike executives last week and threatened to release information about the company sponsoring an amateur basketball team if Nike didn't pay them millions of dollars in bribes.

Mark Geragos has a long history as a celebrity lawyer. He's previously represented Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Scott Peterson, Winona Ryder, Nicole Richie, Colin Kaepernick and more. He's currently representing Jussie Smollett.

He initially represented Kesha in her case with Dr. Luke and made several unfounded public accusations against before eventually being replaced by lawyers who presumably don't talk weekly about her in-progress case on their podcast.

Nike's outside counsel in this case is David Boies' firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP. Avenatti was reportedly arrested outside of their offices this morning. David Boies is a former Theranos board member who has recently gotten some bad press over the past couple years for representing Theranos and Harvey Weinstein in addition to personally contracting out to the surveillance of Harvey Weinstein's victims and the journalists they were speaking to in an attempt to stop the story from being published. Boeis also represented Gore in Bush v. Gore following the 2000 election.

Stormy Daniels released a statement about the news that Avenatti was being charged with several counts of wire fraud