Apple Event Announce AppleTV+, Shows Footage

If you didn't catch the Apple Event earlier today, you missed a bunch of guff, a titanium credit card, and the official reveal of AppleTV+, featuring guests like Oprah and Steven Spielberg.

This clips shows some things that I think were new announcements;

'See’ - takes place in a world in which the world was devastated by a virus, and the few survivors were made blind.
Dickinson,” - Emily Dickinson’s coming-of-age story about her fight to find her voice, stars Hailee Steinfeld.
For All Mankind.” An alternative timeline where the space race never ended with Joel Kinnaman.

Apple TV+ is hosting over 100 shows and movies (like these), streaming this fall. No price announced yet.


I just wanted to know what the shamalyan show was going to be about :c